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Commercial HVAC Service

Commercial HVAC Service

Contact us today. Here at Climate Pro HVAC qualified experts stand ready to meet your commercial heating and air conditioning needs. We’re available to assist you with repair, installation, service and maintenance for your HVAC systems. We will accurately analyze your facility and provide you with the best recommendations. We will work with any challenges you are facing in the work environment and help you plan for any future challenges as your business grows. We are able to provide you with an estimate and explanation of the work upfront. So don’t delay, because waiting can cause a simple repair to turn into a bigger and more expensive issue.

Our Expertise:

Control maintenance cost

If not properly sized and planned, HVAC system choice can prove to be inefficient, costly and plain bad decision. Informed choice is the best way to go and our experts offer the best advice and are ready to find the best solution for you.

Package Units

These are perfect for smaller offices, as they come in convenient all-in-one packs. We install, repair and maintain all brands and models of packaged units, regardless of their type and use (gas-electric systems, heat pump systems, hybrid systems, air conditioner systems, etc).

Wall Mount Units

Single, as well as multiple wall-mounted units, can be installed with ductless systems. They`re economical and require less installation work, making them perfect for small offices. We install, repair and maintain all brands and models of wall mount units.

Metal Fabrication

We will help you choose the right fabrication solution for your system, install it, maintain and repair if needed.

Split Systems

Split systems are, contrary to packaged and wall-mounted systems, designed for bigger spaces and are usually more powerful and robust. They also need to be more carefully planned and well maintained. We repair, maintain and install all brands and types of split systems.

Thermostats/Control Wires

The bigger the system, the more important the proper functioning of thermostat and controls is, as even the smallest irregularities can rake up the costs significantly. Therefore, it should be an imperative to keep the controls and thermostat in check.


Just like the other components, ventilation needs to be calculated and planned for each house and building separately, based on its unique requirements, specs, and needs. Proper installation and maintenance will ensure the proper functioning and optimal performance of the HVAC system.

Coil Replacements

Replacement of all types, sorts, and brands of coils is one of our expertise areas. Our highly skilled professionals can take on any system, regardless of its size and type. Remember, properly maintained and timely replaced coils can save a lot of money down the road.

Compressor Replacement

Poorly working or dysfunctional compressor unit can seriously damage and hinder the performance and effectiveness of the entire HVAC system. Thus, it is very important not to delay the repairment and replacement if they`re needed.

Motor Replacement

It is the heart of your HVAC system and it needs to be properly maintained and cared for. However, it can break down. When it does, it is best not to delay the replacement. Replacement of motors of all brands and types is one of our expertise areas.

Electrical Parts Replacement

Like the motor, thermostat, compressor or any other component, electrical parts can break down. When they do, they usually bring the entire system to a halt. Having that in mind, it is highly recommended not to put off the replacement of damaged or dysfunctional electrics of your HVAC system.

Coil Cleaning

Clean evaporator coils enable the system to work efficiently and smoothly, keeping the costs and bills under control. Poor maintenance can cause a lot of trouble and even damage your HVAC system.

Condenser Units

They`re among the most important components of the system, providing the cold or hot air or the internal units. Along with work-related issues, condensers are also exposed to the elements and need to be maintained properly. We offer installation, maintenance, repair and replacement of all brands and types of condensers.

Gas and Electrical Heaters Replacement of all Brands

When it comes to heaters, gas and electric are two main options. We replace Carrier, Trane, Lennox, Payne, York, Goodman, Armstrong, Amana, Bryant, American Standard, and other major, as well as minor brands of both gas and electrical heaters.